Dear Community of Hamilton and Friends,

This weekend, I resigned as the Emergency Veterinarian for the Hamilton Animal Shelter after many years providing services for them in my practice. The allegations that have been made against the shelter are serious and a plan should be put in place to correct them. The misrepresentation of facts by the shelter’s leadership, along with the spin they have put on this situation, has led to my decision to resign.

The information that has been circulating regarding my involvement in these allegations has been misleading and completely inaccurate. I would like to set the record straight.

For over 40 years, I have been proud to serve Hamilton Township. I raised my family here and chose to build my practice and invest in this community, because I care deeply for the well being of these families and their pets. Anyone who has been part of our veterinary family knows, our goal is to provide the absolute best veterinary care to every animal that comes through our doors. The Team at Mercerville Animal Hospital and I, combine experienced medical care with compassion, to ensure an excellent standard of care. For many years, we have taken in countless injured, surrendered, and abandoned animals at our clinic. We have provided care for all ages and kinds, from bottle feeding orphaned newborn kittens to finding new homes for geriatric dogs.

The accusations that I or anyone on my team provided diagnosis or authorizations for euthanasia over the phone are completely false. That is not how I have ever practiced medicine, nor do I ever intend to practice medicine in this manner.

It is my belief that for the most part, the employees that work in the Hamilton Animal Shelter have the animals’ best interest at heart. However, This is the time for leadership to acknowledge the issues and put a plan in place. I would be happy to sit down with them and offer my professional recommendations.

We trust that our community, who we have served for so many years, will see through these false accusations, and will continue to support us, as we provide you with the highest standard of care, using the core values that we have always shown.


Dr. William J. Carter